Age vs. Finanacial intelligence

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Age vs. Finanacial intelligence

Postby Simple Minded » Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:55 pm ... 1718791175

A 60ish friend and I discussed this topic several years ago.

We concluded:
1. It could be a real phenomena.
2. At age 50 plus, you start to think "Hey life is short! Why should I not buy the new motorcycle or boat? In ten years, I might not be able to enjoy it.
3. I scraped and saved for decades. Now I finally have tow nickels to rub together. Screw my kid's inheritance fund.

This could be a generational power play. Should 50+ers be allowed to stay in positions of power In govts, banks, and universities....

Intellectual justification for Soylent Green manufacturing....
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