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“They committed countless barbarous crimes, caused immeasurable losses and pain to our people and country,”
he said in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday ... nniversary ... war-crimes

In the past, 3rd world nations had no voice say what they wanted to say

First, Vietnam winning the independence war from west, defeating French and later US, opened the gates for 3rd world to counter the 10 foot Western warrior

Iranian Ayatollah living on yogurt and dried bread cut the western 10 foot warrior to sizes

Abu Gharib and Afghanistan fiasco closed the chapter

Now, the 3rd world has the voice, the guts and power to open all those files of "countless barbarous crimes, caused immeasurable losses" .. a tsunami ahead

These files will be presented to UN and International war crime courts .. either those institutions will act upon, and justice will be served, or they lose their relevance.

No matter what, stay tuned

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