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The tomb of Tutankhamun ... titi_2015_

Recently published, high-resolution scans of the walls of room J (the Burial Chamber) of Valley of the Kings tomb KV
62 (Tutankhamun) reveal, beneath the plastered surfaces of the painted scenes, distinct linear traces. These are here
mapped, discussed, and tentatively identified as the "ghosts" of two hitherto unrecognized doorways. It is argued that
these doorways give access to: (1) a still unexplored storage chamber on the west of room J, seemingly contemporary
with the stocking of TutankhamunÕs burial; and (2) a pre-Tutankhamun continuation of KV 62 towards the north,
containing the undisturbed burial of the tombÕs original owner Ð Nefertiti.

Frontispiece. The Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV 62): (x) proposed new chamber behind the decorated west wall of the
Burial Chamber (J); (y) potential continuation of the tomb beyond the Burial ChamberÕs decorated north wall
(Weeks 2003, sheet 69/70 /, with additions,
copyright © Theban Mapping Project)

Stand by for amazing new discoveries...
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